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Book Reviews

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Ninja Cousins: A Time-Traveling Adventure                                                                       An Exciting Read

By kidlitfan – December 15, 2014

The title speaks for itself. Ninja Cousins, A Time Traveling Adventure by Michele Hauser is her first book written with boys in mind. This first offering does not disappoint. The fast-paced yet simple-to-read story involves adventure, teamwork, and a lesson in culture and history–all of the elements of a great story for children ages 5 to 8. This book makes an excellent read-aloud for younger children and is a perfect first chapter book for older children. The story is sprinkled with the right amount of unfamiliar words to encourage young readers to expand their vocabulary–and enough action to hold the reader’s attention.
As an added bonus, Hauser’s grandson created the illustrations for this book–an extra connection to adventure for the young reader.
So, grab your Ninja mask, a couple of Ninja stars, and your imagination for a journey back in time and halfway around the world in Ninja Cousins.~Is that a cell phone on the ground, or is it a time traveling device?


A Clever Book,  by Barbara Kimball

NINJA COUSINS is an entertaining story that  combines several elements that make it attractive.  It provides a clever balance in developing the adventure story, showing the unique personalities of the characters, and embedding facts about the real historical ninjas of medieval Japan.  The story of time travel and Ninjas is sure to appeal to young boys.  The characters are shown as real, typical down-to-earth boys that readers can relate to.  The historical background facts about medieval Japan enrich the story, and Scott’s use of facts he has learned in school connects the past with the present.  Having a child illustrator adds to the appeal.  A good read!


REVIEWS OF THE CRYSTAL PALACE : Rescue of the Baby Fairy Prince

A Child’s Review by Krishna, aged 9

Dear Michele and Karina,
Your book is excellent!I just finished reading The Crystal
Palace: Rescue of the Baby Fairy Prince.  I  liked the part
when Karina, Emily Jean, and Katie find Jeremy.  It is an
exciting adventure!


A Sense of Family, by R.M. Putnam

I loved reading “The Crystal Palace” to my granddaughter. What a sweet and charming story. It had a sense of family, yet thrilling as it turns into an adventure. It gives an understanding of the importance of the bond between parents and their children. A very enjoyable read, touched with the charm of the precious artistry by the illustrator. Adults will enjoying reading the story to their children as much as the children will enjoy listening to it. Simply enchanting.

R.M. Putnam
Author of the Destiny’s Warriors Series
and Fiona’s Wings

Granddaughter Can’t Wait for Next Book!  by  Billie Y

I bought this book for my 9-year-old granddaughter.  She absolutely LOVED it, and called me to ask if there was going to be another one like it.  She read it herself, having learned in the past year to enjoy reading “chapter books” by herself.  The illustrations are adorable and the story had her hooked from the first page.  Excellent for any young reader.

In the words of my niece, “An Awesome Story”, by Deb Troehler

The Crystal Palace is a great example of Hauser’s connection to her past career as an elementary school teacher. The storyline, character development, and pacing are perfect for students in grades 3-5. Young readers can easily identify with the problems that the main characters(Karina, Emily Jean, and Katie) face. Some of the vocabulary may seem a bit advanced for the average third grade student, but once again, Hauser uses her skills as an educator to cleverly pair the rich vocabulary with enough context clues to help build a young reader’s skills. Hauser also reinforces the concepts of the importance of family, teamwork, and remembering to have a bit of fun along the way-who wouldn’t want a pair of glowing skates that can help you sail across a rainbow into the land of the leprechauns?A few days ago my niece and I had a contest to see which of us would be the first to finish reading The Crystal Palace: Rescue of the Baby Fairy Prince. By the time we had finished reading, however, it no longer mattered which of us finished first. A story as good as this one should be savored not devoured. My niece and I found ourselves repeatedly referring back to other portions of the story, studying the delightful illustrations that were created by Hauser’s talented granddaughter, and trying to do what many readers do when faced with a mystery-solve it.

My niece’s favorite character was Karina, the heroine of the story. According to her, “Karina was loving, caring, smart, and brave.”
We both give the story five stars and highly recommend it for children in grades 3 through 5.

Great Beginning Chapter Book For Those That Believe, by Tiffancy Turner

I’ve always curious about new crystal and fairy books. This one came under my teacher radar on one of the discussion boards. After ordering, I was surprised at the child friendly candor and easy readability. This is a great book for struggling readers that you’ve tried everything with. If your child loves fairies, this will feed the need.
The story begins with a sleepover visit to grandma’s. The granddaughter, Karina, takes her two good friends, Emily Jean and Katie, on a slumber party adventure. They discover that in her specially decorated bedroom of crystals a visit from her grandmother’s tooth fairy, Angela, reveals a problem. The Baby Fairy Prince is missing. The girls must help Angela find him. Off on an adventure with fairy magic, rainbow travels and leprechauns, any reader will discover a safe and fantastic fairy world adventure.

This is a great book to share as a read-aloud or for independent readers.

Positive girl images By Mona Scott

I loved the fanciful adventure story where girls rescue the prince– and even slay a dragon! (I appreciated that they didn’t actually kill the dragon but stunned it long enough to save the baby prince.)….. I think there were challenging words for the age group who would reading it, which is good. Charming illustrations ! (wish they could have been in color)…. I loved the grandmother and granddaughter collaboration. I hope there will be other adventures for these girls in The Crystal Palace.

This book is for every little girl!  By Jeanne Obert

This is a great adventure story laced with a grandmother and granddaughter’s love for each other. The real life author and illustrator have put their imaginations to work and created a fanciful, absorbing and politically correct story that captures the imaginations of adults and children alike. What fun for everyone! The pictures are adorable. It’s a must have!!!!

What a delightful story!   By Barbara Kimball

It takes me back to my own girlhood when I was transported into the magical land of make-believe.  The little girls could have been my own playmates!  Maybe we would have been as smart and resourceful as these storybook children, but it is fun to think we might have been.

I can hardly wait for my own two-year-old great granddaughters to grow up enough to enjoy having me read to them about “The Crystal Palace” and the rescue of the baby fairy prince.

The illustrations are charming. It is significant that they actually were produced by a child.


2.  REVIEWS OF THE CRYSTAL PALACE II:  Rebellion in Fairyland

A CHILD’S REVIEW, By Leyah, aged 9

I really enjoyed reading The Crystal Palace II:Rebellion in Fairyland. I especially liked that you have to go into a crystal and then into something like a bubbly waterslide to get to Fairyland. The illustrations in the book were beautiful and detailed. The song that Popi sang to Scott and Liam was so funny! The room that Katie, Karina and Nicole had to stay in sounded so luxurious that I would like to stay there myself! I recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasy and trouble!

FABULOUS BOOK  *****  Review by Jeanne Obert

There are good children’s books with cute stories – even meaningful ones. Then there are great children’s books that go beyond a cute and speak to all of us. The Crystal Palace II: Rebellion in Fairyland is one of the latter. This beautiful little story is a reflection of what is happening today in Libya, Egypt and all over the world. Such a simple mandate to listen to others, respect all people and negotiate differences – couldn’t have been more wonderfully presented in a way that appeals to children, especially girls. Love the characters and can feel the warmth of the family that created this very appealing and imaginative story. I’m getting it for my granddaughters – I know they’ll enjoy it as much as I did!


Exciting conclusion to Crystal Palace Trilogy, by Barbara Kimball

The Crystal Palace III:  The Fairy War gives a suspenseful glimpse into the quaint and colorful Fairyland we have seen in the previous books of this trilogy.

Once in Fairyland, the girls attend the Crystalopolis School to see the reforms they had previously mediated.  There, Katie falls in love with a fairy boy and is determined to become a fairy herself, so she can remain in Fairyland with her beloved.  How distressing for her girlfriends!

Even more distressing, once Karina, Nicole, and Katie, have eagerly returned to the lovely kingdom they remember, they are unexpectedly propelled into the fierce war situation where the menacing spiders and insects (huge to the fairies) are trying to take over Fairyland for themselves.  Unbelievable horrors are happening to the girls’ good friends, the fairy folk.  The author captured the emotional tension as the spiders and insects are revved up for war by the deliciously evil tarantula.  The excitement is breathtaking!

The story is spellbinding — with a surprise at the end — and is an exciting conclusion to the trilogy.  There are plenty of examples of moral lessons too, making this a most satisfying story for the eager reader.

Another Exciting Adventure in the Fairy World, by Lynette Harrison

This is a story full of surprises and excitement in a world of fairies and human friends. The third in the series and just as captivating as the first two.
Lynette Harrison

A delightful Fairy Book by Judy Kantor

The Crystal Palace III:  The Fairy War is a delightful fairy book with so many interesting social and political happenings that make this little book special.  It weaves together such themes as being true to yourself, working together toward a common cause, tolerance of differences, bullying, and equality. This very creative Grammy put her teaching background to good use.