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About Michele & Karina & Scott

michele-07I have enjoyed collaborating with my granddaughter Karina and my grandson Scott on these books for children. As a teacher for 30 years, in kindergarten through eighth grade, I have read thousands of books to children over the years.  I hold a Master of Arts degree in Education (with emphasis on Reading and Writing), am a UCLA Writing Project Fellow and a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. 

With Karina, I published The Crystal Palace trilogy for which I am the author, and she is the illustrator.  I became interested in fairy folk when I was seven years old and my own tooth fairy left letters for me under my pillow.  Her name was Angela, and she told me she lived in the knothole in the tree in my backyard.  At that time, I also had a wonderful Golden Book of Elves and Fairies, with illustrations by Garth Williams.   Oh, how my sister and I poured over that book!

With Scott, I published Ninja Cousins, for which I am the author and he is the illustrator.  The topic of Ninjas was chosen because Scott and his brothers were interested in Ninjas.  Also, I had become familiar with Medieval Japan when I taught seventh grade social studies for twelve years and that is one of the cultures studied.

     Karina:   aged 9                      aged 10                                     aged 11

Karina is the oldest of four children, with three younger brothers.  Karina illustrated The Crystal Palace: Rescue of the Baby Fairy Prince when she was in third grade, The Crystal Palace II : Rebellion in Fairyland in fourth grade, and The Crystal Palace III: The Fairy War when in fifth grade.  Karina has enjoyed drawing all her life and taken many art classes through her years.  She is an excellent student and an elegant figure skater as well.

Scott, aged 10

Scott is the second oldest of four children, with Karina, his older sister, and two younger brothers, Liam and Lucas.  Scott was ten years old when he illustrated Ninja Cousins.   Scott is a good student and athlete.  He enjoys reading and playing the saxophone, as well as competing in chess, golf, basketball, tennis, and football.